Expert advice: How to enjoy your drinks like a dietitian

How to enjoy your drinks like a dietitian

Are you looking for ways to reduce your alcohol intake? Here are great tips from a dietitian. 

People enjoying and toasting a beer in brewery pub
people enjoying and toasting a beer in brewery pub/ iStock

Alcohol abuse is a serious challenge all over the world. 

The recent story of Adele opening up about how she was borderline alcoholic put the topic in the spotlight again.

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She is not the only celebrity who has opened up about suffering from alcohol addiction. Others include Billy Joel, Mel Gibson, and David Hasselhoff have all fallen victim to the disease. 

Sadly, each year, three-million lives are lost due to the harmful use of alcohol, states the World Health Organization

The entity also states that the harmful use of alcohol is a causal factor in more than 200 diseases and injury conditions.

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There are several ways to cut down on alcohol intake and to avoid the extra calories that some mixers contain. 

Dietitian Monique Piderit shares the below tips for you to try:


When it comes to beer, Monique says it is always best to go for a light version of your favourite beer or choose non-alcoholic beer. 

"Light beers are a bit lower in energy. Try the light versions of your favourite beer. Alternate beers with one of the many non-alcoholic versions." 

Monique says you can also add Sprite Zero to your favourite beer. 

"Half Sprite Zero with half a beer makes for two beer shandies and half the energy,"  she says. 


When it comes to wine, Monique says you can also opt for a light version of white, rose or red wines. 

"With wine, why not try light versions of white, rose and red wines?" asks Monique. 

She says you can even add sparkling water. 

"Spritz it up with sparkling waters added to white or rose wines," says Monique.


"Stock up on sugar free/low sugar mixes and sparkling water. Think sugar-free G&T, vodka with sugar-free lime cordial and Sprite Zero, or SA's favourite branewyn with Coke Zero." 

Lastly, Monique says one should not forget to add ice because it helps dilute the volume of drinks. 

"Don't forget the ice. It really helps in diluting the volume of drinks."

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