Carol Ofori reacts to SheBeen: "I love the concept"

Carol Ofori reacts to SheBeen: "I love the concept"

Alcohol brand Brutal Fruit launched the first women-only bar in Soweto last week called, SheBeen...

Pop-up bar in Soweto called SheBeen
Pop-up bar in Soweto called SheBeen/Facebook/@Sowetogamechangers

As we celebrate Women's Month with a sense of rejuvenation and coming into our own as a collective, there are and always will be some impediments that we may face along the way. 

Being questioned about our union and commitment to each other as females has long been something of a dividing factor. 

It not only undermines us as women, but also takes away our control and our power in making decisions for ourselves. 

And the recent launch of the first pop-up women only bar called, SheBeen, by alcohol brand Brutal Fruit has created somewhat of a stir in the community. 

Bars, pubs, shebeens or any drinking establishment have long been associated as a place for men. 

As much as this has changed over the years, it is still something of a stigma to see a woman in a predominantly male setting. 

This is why so many women related to the female-only pop-up bar, because it was a place for females to feel comfortable amongst their peers in a way that doesn't make them feel like they are invading another's space. 

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Sadly, it seems that after the launch there were many negative comments around the concept as a whole. 

The concept of feminism came into question, with many males giving their unwarranted advice about how the feel the female-only pop-up bar will do. 

We asked Carol Ofori what she thought and this is what she had to say:

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