Where to find the best vegetarian-friendly food in Durban

Where to find the best vegetarian-friendly food in Durban

Looking for vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes that don't taste like rabbit food? We're rounding up some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Durban. 

Vegan poke bowl
Vegan poke bowl/ iStock (vaaseenaa)

When meat eaters think about vegetarian food, they picture something bland that tastes like cardboard or worse, something you would feed your pet rabbit.

But food made with plants, legumes, and whole grains can be just as tasty as other meals! 

Here's a look at where you can find the best vegetarian-friendly food in Durban. 

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Oh My Soul Cafe (Durban North)

When it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Durban North, Oh My Soul Cafe ranks pretty high. With a slogan like, 'Be kind to every kind', it comes as no surprise that it is adored by animal-loving Durbanites. The eatery is 100% vegan, which means you don't have to worry about whether gelatine powder was added to your burger sauce for extra thickness. 

Located on Adelaide Tambo Dr, Oh My Soul Cafe's menu includes South African-themed dishes stacked with housemade “vicken”, "vacon”, "vish", and chakalaka. Our personal favourite is their Rolex breakfast option, which takes inspiration from Uganda's famous dish of the same name.

It includes a delicious tofu scramble, cheese, red cabbage, chakalaka, spinach, and “peri-peri” sauce wrapped in a chapati. There's also a non-spicy version. 

Visit their website for more details. 

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Buttercup Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe (Near Flordia Road)

If you are looking for plant-friendly takeout options then look no further than the Buttercup Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe in Greyville. With options like a tikka roti wrap, vegan chops, and chips, "butter vicken" and vegetable Chow Mein with vegan strips, your tastebuds will be dancing for joy.

Buttercup also has an eatery in Umhlanga. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

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The Vegan Chef (Umhlanga)

The Vegan Chef was one of the food vendors at the latest East Coast Radio House + Garden Show. It's always nice to have vegan options at these events, and the restaurant did not disappoint. 

Their 'Vegan Southern Fried Chicken' dish won an award at the Global Vegan Awards in 2021 for culinary excellence. The eatery, which is located at the Pearls Mall in Umhlanga, is also famous for its delicious curries. Options include vish curry, chickpea curry, and tofu masala curry. 

Visit their Instagram page for more details. 

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Mali's Indian Restaurant (Morningside)

The top place to find the best veg biryani (breyani) in Durban will differ depending on who you speak to, but Malia's Indian Restaurant in Morningside gets a thumbs up from many patrons. The eatery is not exclusively vegetarian, but the options it has on the menu are to die for. Their authentic Indian food menu was put together by specialised chefs from India! 

"Best vegetarian food I've ever had," one visitor wrote on Google. 

Another patron added: "Not a place you go to for the decor or location, but the food is absolutely immaculate. Great, efficient service, and easily some of the best North and South Indian cuisine you'll have in South Africa, at very reasonable prices."

A third person wrote: "What a feast of flavors... The star of the show was the Manchurian Mushrooms starter. Do yourself a favor and try it.. you won't regret it!"

Visit their website for more details.

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