Visit The Litchi Orchard for the most immaculate ambience ever

Visit The Litchi Orchard for the most immaculate ambience ever

A stunning location for all Litchi lovers.

The Litchi Orchard

Imagine a stunning place where you can treat yourself to some delicious, juicy litchis while enjoying the warm sun.

The Litchi Orchard is a wonderful litchi farm which allows guests the endless opportunity to explore and have some fun.

The farm has so many things that you can do such as eating (of course), making or seeing some beautiful crafts as well as shop for some items you fall in love with - unfortunately you cannot purchase the litchi trees.

These beautiful trees have been standing tall for about 100 years - interesting right!

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What is the history behind The Litchi Orchard?
Litchi orchard

Around the 1960s, Paul Eb was on his way to enjoy a surfing session when he stumbled across some beautiful litchi trees which prompted him to one day own a litchi farm. 

Fortunately for him, 30 years down the line he finds the same location up for sale. In 1999, Paul alongside his family decide to buy the property which was the beginning of The Litchi Orchard.

The Farm is successfully run by the entire Eb family and it's super interesting to see how all of them chip into different parts to make the whole farm an ultimate success.

The farm has seen so many occasions, wine events and festivals and remains a great spot for a therapeutic, natural vibe.

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How do you get to this exciting location?

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