WATCH: Could this be the best cocktail in Durban?

WATCH: Could this be the best cocktail in Durban?

You won't believe what happens when you mix this cocktail?!

Sunsets and Mermaids

It seems as though cocktails are becoming more and more creative by the day.

People who enjoy cocktails do not just want to drink a normal 'basic' cocktail with typical ingredients and shots of gin or tequila, they want to see something crazy happen before they drink it, like huge flames turning into a cocktail (PS WE DO NOT CONDONE starting a random fire in hopes to turn it into a cocktail).

There is one absurd cocktail at Sunsets and Mermaids that has gone viral, but why?

Well, because the waiter serves it to you with a paintbrush on top of it, you then take the paint brush and mix the drink and it starts to change colour.

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Sunsets and Mermaids
Sunsets and Mermaids

The drink starts off looking like a Margarita, but as the user is seen mixing it, it turns into this magnificent blue colour.

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@its_tish_07 Best cocktail in Durban? #durban #fyp #cocktail #SAMA28 ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy

DISCLAIMER: Do not try to make this drink at home unless you know the exact ingredients, otherwise you might end up like this:


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