Vegetarian dishes don't need to be meh and bland

Vegetarian dishes don't need to be meh and bland

When you think French cuisine, you rarely associate it with words such as 'bland'. 

A plate with noodles and rice
A plate with noodles and rice/Twitter/@artcrimeprof

Much attention has been given to vegan and vegetarian alternatives, as a way of catering to this ever-growing community. 

But the sad reality is that there are some purists that are not aware of the vegetarian community and honestly don't understand how anyone can follow a meat-free diet. 

One woman who has brought French 'vegetarian' cuisine under the spotlight is Art Crime Professor, Lawyer, and Historian, Erin Thompson. 

Known as the only art crime professor in the USA, she has all the makings of a person in search of justice. 

But it seems during her travels, she was left robbed of her taste journey when she visited a restaurant that failed to cater to her vegetarian needs. 

Thompson shared how she visited a restaurant located in the French countryside, but, sadly, she did not have a pleasant experience. 

Just to put you in the picture, this reminds us of that time we went to a popular fast food outlet and at the time they did not cater for vegetarians. Their interpretation of a vegetarian burger was lettuce, tomato, and onions between two burger buns. 

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Naturally, her post attracted a lot of attention.

This is what she had to say about her experience in France when it comes to vegetarian dishes:"90% of the time in France, asking for something vegetarian gets me all the delicious side dishes. The other 9.9% of the time, they say they can’t make something, and I get a delicious cheese plate. This is the 0.1% occurrence of straight “go f*** yourself.”

Kelly Watson: "I went to restaurant in the suburbs of paris and the owner assured me that he could make something vegetarian for me. I received the following: a plate heaped with cold vegetables and mayonnaise dressing topped with shrimp and sparklers." 

Porkchop Express: "In a country that prides itself in their cheeses and cream sauces, serving this to a vegetarian is just a huge self-own." 

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