Have you tried this refreshing Blue Lagoon cocktail?

Have you tried this refreshing Blue Lagoon cocktail?

Taste the Caribbeans right at the tip of your tongue.

Blue lagoon cocktail

The Blue Lagoon cocktail has been around for years and years.

The drink is extremely unique because of its bold, blue colour.

The cocktail is not only beautiful to stare at or snap a boomerang of, but it also has a delicious taste.

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The Blue Lagoon is said to have been created by a guy named Andy MacElhone, who was the son of a very popular bartender.

New York has claimed the drink as their own because the first bar to ever offer the cocktail to people was located in the area.

The drink is a combination of sweet and citrus flavours.

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Here's what you need to make this cocktail:

  • Ice
  • Blue Curacao
  • Lemonade juice
  • Vodka
  • Lemon slice (for garnish)

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Here's how to make this cocktail:

  1. Add your ice into the glass.
  2. Add some lemonade juice.
  3. Pour the blue curacao into the mixture.
  4. Add some shots of Vodka into the glass.
  5. Add your garnish.

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