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Take your family to see hundreds of crocodiles and other reptiles

Seems like the best time to learn how to tell the difference between a crocodile and alligator is this Festive Season...

Unsplash/Rae Wallis

The Riverbend Crocodile Farm is one of the most popular crocodile farms in KwaZulu-Natal. 

The farm has just over 200 nile crocodiles.

The exciting part of the farm is being able to see the crocodiles having their meals and how they gather together as a unit.

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The Riverbend Farm does not only have crocodiles, but there are also many other interesting reptiles and animals to see.

There are different species of birds that can be spotted.

Some of these birds are very unique and rare in South Africa.

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The farm also has a snake room which holds some of the most dangerous yet beautiful snakes in the world.

Snake demonstrations take place frequently on Sundays.

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Riverbend Crocodile Farm

There is also a restaurant - Crocodile Cafe - which is a fully licensed restaurant at the location.

The cafe offers some great food such as delicious breakfast, lunch, and even dessert dishes.

The restaurant also offers some scrumptious crocodile dishes.

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Address: Riverbend Crocodile Farm, Old National Road, Southbroom

Phone: 039 316-6204

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