Visit the Zulu Lulu Art House in Midlands

Visit the Zulu Lulu Art House in Midlands

An astounding art house with some interesting art pieces.

Zulu lulu art house

Art is one of the most interesting things ever created, it's also amazing how inspiration for art is drawn from almost anything and everything.

I like to believe that anything can become art as soon as you attach a meaning and feeling to it.

The reason why the art scene is such a big deal in the entire world is because each art piece has its own fascinating story attached to it - the world revolves around art.

Art heals, art takes, and art lives on forever, provided it is kept safely which is why we have museums, galleries and art houses.

It's always so eye-opening to see the entire from the creation process to the final results.

They were definitely not lying when they said, 'Art makes the world go around'.

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The Zulu lulu Art house found right in the heart of Midlands near Howick has some of the finest art pieces for you to look at.

You can find different art types such as:

  • Ceramics
  • Fine art
  • Sculpture
  • Paintings
Zulu lulu art house

What makes the Zulu Lulu Art House exciting is that they sell and promote the work of over 50 talented artists in South Africa.

Another fun aspect of this art house is that you get to also paint your own ceramics art bar for both children and adults.

The Dlamini

The Zulu Lulu Art house also holds one of the most popular figurines in South Africa - The Dlamini.

These iconic pieces were created by Tim Dlamini alongside Trayci Tompkins and Stuart.

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The Dlamini

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