From dolphin tramp stamps to ink poisoning, tattoo artist shares all

From dolphin tramp stamps to ink poisoning, tattoo artist shares all

Tattoo artist Paul Wheatley has been creating incredible art for 10 years and on this Keri's Couch, he answers all the questions about tattoos you didn’t even know you had!

Paul Wheatley
East Coast Radio

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Human beings have been marking their skin with ink for thousands of years.

Tattoos can have a different meaning for every person. Some tattoos carry cultural significance, others are a symbol for a close relationship, and some are just plain fun.

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Tattooing is also an art and it takes some serious skill and talent to be comfortable enough to actually add permanent ink to a stranger's body.

While tattoos have always been quite taboo, more and more people are getting inked, whether they're adding a little, fine line flower or a whole sleeve.

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There are still so many questions and queries surrounding tattoos, with people being too scared to talk to tattoo artists because it can be intimidating or they might be afraid of sounding stupid.

But there is no such thing as a stupid question.

That's why Keri Miller decided to sit down with Paul, who has created amazing art pieces as a tattoo artist, and decided to ask him all the questions that you have been wanting to know the answers to and more!

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They talk about all the different aspects of tattooing and Paul shares what he has learnt about the industry over the years.

Whether you have your whole body covered in tatts, or even if you are completely tattoo-less, this Keri's Couch is bound to keep you interested and you'll learn so much about an industry that is constantly expanding, growing, and becoming the norm.

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Make sure you listen to the full podcast right here (and find out why couple's tattoos are frowned upon):

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