Sky Tshabalala's top five sports songs

Sky Tshabalala's top five sports songs

Sport and music go together like Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes. Just like Manchester United's dynamic duo, when these two things come together, it can create magic, bring together a diverse group of supporters, and help carry you to victory.

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This month we're focusing on providing you with more tunes than ever before and we've decided to call upon your favourite presenters to share all their musical gems.

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We've watched, actually danced along to, Darren Maule's favourite music videos and worked up a sweat while blasting Keri Miller's workout playlist.

Now it's Sky Tshabalala's turn.

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They might have gotten the ball rolling, but now they're passing the baton to him, and with the ball in his court, he's guaranteed to knock it out of the park!

And that's enough sports references for this post.

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Moving along, as mentioned, sport and music aren't a combination one thinks about too often, or you sometimes even forget how integral they can be to one another.

Sure, they can both stand on their own, but they work together just as well.

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Think of all the times you've played FIFA on your Xbox and you realised the playlist is a perfect soundtrack to the game that you're playing.

Or the rugby matches you've watched and maybe been to where you've sung 'Shosholoza' at the top of your lungs and with every bit of your being.

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When asked if music plays an important role in sports, Sky had one answer and one answer only:

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Just think of the Sharks song, "we are black, we are white, we are, we are dynamite!"

Here's a little reminder in case you might not remember:

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And just like your favourite teams and other sports stars can get hyped up on the tunes, so can you.

Many players have mixes or very specific songs they listen to before a game.

What does Sky listen to before playing a game? 

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Finally, we have the songs that were made for one thing and one thing only: sport.

Whether it's team-specific (like that little Sharks number) or a national sporting treasure, there are so many of them, and let's be honest - would any sporting event ever be the same if there was no singing, chanting, or yelling allowed?

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Definitely not. We would have to replace the song and dance with enthusiastic whispers and the spirit would be sucked out of it.

You'll be surprised to hear which sports songs are some of Sky's favourite though:

And here's the plot twist no one was expecting:

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Now there you have it!

You might not always support the same team, but we can all agree that Sky is definitely on to something here.

Hopefully, unlike Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, music and sport will live together in beautiful harmony for decades and decades to come.

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