WATCH: Crocodile gets comfortable in mouth of Tongaat River

WATCH: Crocodile gets comfortable in mouth of Tongaat River

We think the Tongaat River and its new resident, the crocodile, might not see us there again for quite a while...

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Imagine driving along the M4 in the middle of the afternoon on what seems to be a regular Saturday.

You're listening to some radio (preferably ECR) when you spot something on the side of the river.

It couldn't be what you think it is, right?

This might have been a thought that crossed Shivani Moodley's mind, but she did instantly recognise the creature she was seeing on the banks of the river.

A crocodile!

Shivani spoke to the North Coast Courier and explained how she was able to identify the animal.

Moodley did stop to take a few pictures and videos as she was in complete awe of this creature, but as soon as she stopped her car and approached the bridge, the crocodile disappeared beneath the water.

Luckily, after returning from her trip, she was able to get some pictures of the croc.

Now you might be just as surprised as we were when we saw that a croc had made its way, almost completely, to the river mouth.

As it turns out, according to Peter Watson, owner of Crocodile Creek, this is not the first time a crocodile has been spotted in this same area.

Seeing this animal so close to the mouth could indicate that it is looking to nest, but that doesn't mean that they are regular travellers.

Peter was also able to identify the animal as a 1.4m juvenile Nile crocodile (Try saying that 3 times fast).

Some other good news is that locals don't have to worry about any potential croc attacks unless they provoke the animal, which anyone would NOT recommend.

If you leave the crocodile in peace, it is highly likely that it will leave you alone too.

So everybody wins!

It is important to note though that if you do spot these animals, make sure you call Crocodile Creek on 032 940 4444.

For now, from our side: see ya later alligator!

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