SEE: Image of 'hovering ship' is 100% real

SEE: Image of 'hovering ship' is 100% real

What in the optical illusion is going on here? Science, we're going to need you to explain this one please...

Hovering ship

Most people enjoy a good old optical illusion.

Since Photoshop has become part of our daily lives, you might have also become suspicious of pictures you find on the internet.

Whether they are photos that were created just to fool you into thinking something weird or strange is happening in the picture, or it might just be someone's selfie that has been edited so much the person seems almost unrecognisable.

It's hard to believe most things on the internet these days and that's why anyone's first reaction to seeing the image above might be skepticism.

And it's understandable.

As it turns out, this image is not fake after all, but very, very real.

It's just a real-life optical illusion.

Let us explain more about this 'ghost ship'.

Speaking to BBC News, pedestrian David Morris explained that he had been taking a walk when he spotted the 'floating' tanker hovering above the ocean, with a huge piece of what appeared to be the blue sky being visible between the boat and the ocean.

Morris was shocked and immediately took a picture because, understandably, he couldn't believe his eyes.

But how was this possible?

Science can explain, as experts have now confirmed that the boat is seemingly 'flying' because of an optical illusion known as 'superior mirage'.

David Braine, a BBC meteorologist, says that this type of mirage can occur because of a very specific weather condition called 'temperature inversion'.

Below is a graphic that Braine posted on Twitter to help explain what temperature inversion is:

Superior mirage

Fun fact: the superior mirage is the opposite of an inferior mirage, which is what happens when the road looks wet on a hot day.

Back to the superior mirage - it is also used to explain reports of ghost ships, so unfortunately there are no real spooky sailboats that will be popping up anytime soon.

In the end, Morris did say that he knew it had to be some trickery because he has seen similar things happen before, but this is the best one he has seen thus far.

And there you have proof that sadly this is not an actual flying ship, but instead just some cool science stuff.

However, whether you choose to believe the scientific explanation or still stick to Photoshop, that's up to you.

All we can really say is: whatever floats your boat...

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Main image courtesy of @weatherbraine/Twitter

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