Year in Review: Bring and Braais should be canceled forever

Year in Review: Bring and Braais should be canceled forever

The #NewNormal has us considering the way of life we we're used to before the whole pandemic happened.


Summer is here and in full swing.

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But a lot has changed this year and this year's summer, compared to last year, is looking very different.

As we all know, big gatherings/events are canceled for the time being, which means no house party and definitely no big braais.

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However, this could be a blessing in disguise.

Earlier this year, Vic Naidoo made a controversial statement: bring and braais sound like a good idea, but they ultimately turn out to be the worst kind of gathering.

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He might even have a point.

There are a few parts of the bring and braai dynamic that are quite frustrating/annoying.

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  1. Having to decide what food and drink you want to bring along can be a difficult decision and can take up a lot of time.
  2. When you show up with your snacks and meat and everyone now thinks it's a free-for-all

But the worst part has to be waiting in line at the braai.

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If you don't get there first you could spend the whole day (or night) waiting for a space on the grill, while watching the rest of the guests eat their delicious meals.

So at the end of the day, the whole point of communal eating and sharing that experience never even happens.

Take a listen below to hear Vic air his grievances and discuss all things braai:

For more unmissable Vic Naidoo moments, listen here:

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