Vic Naidoo has something to say about Tito Mboweni's latest food post

Vic Naidoo has something to say about Tito Mboweni's latest food post

Our Minister of Finance is back with another interesting creation, that, as always, has the internet feeling some kind of way.

Tito Mboweni food

Our Finance Minister has been entertaining the nation with his interesting food creations, but will he actually be trying his hand at the culinary arts?

Maybe not quite yet.

Tito Mboweni has achieved somewhat of an influencer and food blogger status thanks to his 966k followers on Twitter.

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But no matter his follower count, the poor man can't seem to catch a break whenever he shares his foodie pictures.

The man has been ridiculed for his excessive use of garlic and spices, as well as the general appearance of his dishes.

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Although he has mentioned that he is taking notes and trying to improve his cooking skills.

His latest offering has once again caused quite the reaction, so much so that even Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung decided to jump in!

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While others also joined in at poking more fun at the dish, but there was really only one thing that seemed to bother them:

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In case you've missed some of his other meals, the culinary journey all started when he showed off his tinned fish-cooking ways.

And let's not forget the very first, iconic roast chicken!

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However, when Vic Naidoo saw Mboweni's latest concoction he was quite impressed and said he might even dig in if he could.

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He was also quite upset that the Twitterverse can't just keep their rude comments to themselves.

Why do we care, it's not like we actually have to eat it.

We could probably all take a few notes from Vic: just let people enjoy things!

Main image courtesy of Tito Mboweni Official Twitter

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