First-time High School pupils share their thoughts with Jayshree

First-time High School pupils share their thoughts with Jayshree

High School can be a daunting experience, but not for these three Durban High School boys, who will be embarking on this new adventure in their lives.

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Can you remember your first day of High School? It's quite a big jump from the familiar Primary School. It's all about getting used to a new routine and making new friends. 

Some kids find it difficult to make the adjustment and dread change, while others - like these three schoolboys, couldn't be happier for their new adventure. 

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I had the pleasure of chatting with three Durban schoolboys who just completed Grade 7 and who entered Grade 8 for the first time in 2018. I first met Kiash Moodley, Seth Hendrik, and Azande Chamande at an end-of-year party that their parents threw for them, and which I was hired to be the emcee for.

What surprised me was the level of confidence these three youngsters had when discussing their new journey into High School life. Their parents were nervous and anxious, but not them. They were ready to take on the challenge. 

I brought them into the studio to hear from them and get their thoughts on what they think High School is going to be like. Take a listen to our chat in the podcast below:

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All the best to these three youngsters, who certainly do have a very bright future ahead of them! 

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