Year in Review: After five years of marriage, wife reveals she can cook

Year in Review: After five years of marriage, wife reveals she can cook

A key part of a successful relationship is being honest with your partner, but clearly, some people feel the need to keep pretty important aspects of their life hidden.


We can agree that when you're dating someone you don't have to reveal everything about yourself all at once.

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That's the point of getting to know someone.

But when you choose to spend the rest of your life with that person, something that makes that decision easier is the fact that you feel like you genuinely know them.

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That's why one US woman had people shocked when her husband revealed that she had only come clean about her culinary skills during the lockdown!

When Keisha Rovner first met her husband, she told him that she didn’t cook and in an article that appeared on The Cut, husband Michael recalls how Keisha did not even have spoons.

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Also, according to Michael, he was working hard in the kitchen while she would spend time on her phone or request snacks while he was cooking.

But the truth finally revealed itself during the pandemic and the couple was forced into lockdown.

And what dish made Keisha flaunt her very real cooking skills? Mac and cheese.

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She explained, again, that from the start she had made it clear that she doesn't cook and that she never misled her husband. She just never wanted to participate.

Until the middle of the lockdown when she decided it was time because she wanted mac and cheese and she was the only one who could make it. 

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Michael was obviously completely shocked and said it was like seeing someone who had been bound to a wheelchair get up and run laps.

Keisha insisted that it was all very innocent, but Vic Naidoo couldn't help but wonder about the other massive secrets people have kept from one another.

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Take a listen as KZN reveals what they've kept hush-hush.

For more unmisssable Vic Naidoo moments, listen here:

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