Would you like your broccoli with a side of snake?

Would you like your broccoli with a side of snake?

Seeing bugs inside your vegetables is expected, but seeing a snake is something else altogether...

A ladder snake coiled inside broccoli
A ladder snake coiled inside broccoli/Facebook/@NorthantsLive

A 63-year-old grandfather by the name of Neville Linton bought broccoli from his local superette. 

And we bet when he purchased it he didn't think it was going to be scary when he opened it to cook. 

After all, no one is that scared of their vegetables. But he was scared for another reason when he opened his fridge to open the bag of broccoli, he found a sneaky surprise inside. 

He discovered a ladder snake inside the bag of broccoli. 

Describing this as a frightening experience, he was also shocked because after purchasing the broccoli three days earlier, he was not expecting what he found. 

We asked our very own Vic Naidoo what he would have done if placed in the same situation: "I would have closed the fridge, thrown it out or moved out of my house!" 

"Linton, who works in industrial cleaning, said he’s afraid of snakes — so relatives jumped to his aid and scooped up the reptile. He added, “It’s lucky I didn’t just leave the broccoli out in the kitchen, or it would have been loose in the house. That would have been a huge risk for us because we have two vulnerable people living here.” (New York Post)

We've all been there, finding a bug inside our vegetables, but a whole snake is as crazy as it gets. 

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Mr Linton was not having it and after his sister confirmed it was a snake, he took the broccoli back to the supermarket. 

The staff there were also taken aback as they had never experienced something like this. A zoo specialist identified the snake as a ladder, which is said to be non-venomous. 

The trauma of it all has left the Lintons irate that something needs to come of their unpleasant experience. Even though they have been offered money from the store, they believe they need more. 

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