Black mamba tries to hitch a ride to Port Edward

Black mamba tries to hitch a ride to Port Edward

Believe it or not, even snakes enjoy a warm rev now and then too...Just kidding. 

A black mamba inside a car engine
A black mamba inside a car engine/Facebook/@sarel.vandermerwe.547

As the saying goes it's never ideal to look under the hood of another person's car. 

But what if that car had a sneaky snake inside and didn't want to leave?

We guess that's cause enough to look under the hood. In this case, it was the hood of a Toyota Yaris. 

Snake catcher, Sarel van der Merwe, shared his catch of the day last week and it happened to be a Black mamba. 

The juvenile black mamba is said to have been playing hide-and-seek in the engine area of the vehicle. 

After some time, van der Merwe was able to catch up with the snake around the front wheel of the car. 

All this after the owner who was visiting family in Umtentweni noticed the snake crawl into the engine area before departing home.  

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"Van der Merwe said he knelt next to the car. At that point, someone shouted: “It’s by the tyre!” This was exactly where Van der Merwe was kneeling.

“I grabbed him by his tail; his head was still inside, by the shocks.

“So I grabbed the tail and I irritated him until he let go and I pulled him out. Easy like that,” Van der Merwe said.

He said he would release the black mamba on Friday." (MSN)

All we can say is, we're glad that people like Sarel are around. 

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