WATCH: Young boy plays with large cobra

WATCH: Young boy plays with large cobra

As if we didn't already fear the slithery creatures, this young boy playing with one just creeps us out even more. 

Little boy playing with a large cobra
Little boy playing with a large cobra/Twitter Screenshot/@ns_subhash

Snakes have a way of really getting under our skin...

And a video that is leaving people with mixed reactions is proof of that.

In the video, which was posted by a Twitter user, Subhash Chandra, we see a young child playing with a large snake. 

The child is literally holding the snake by its tail and wiggling it around. 

Now, if this doesn't freak you out, then wait till you see the video. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Twitter:

The post says that the snake in the video is a King Cobra

"The king cobra—one of the most venomous snakes on the planet—can literally "stand up" and look a full-grown person in the eye. When confronted, they can lift up to a third of their body off the ground and still move forward to attack." (National Geographic)

They can also reach lengths of 5.4m, which makes them the longest of all venomous snakes. 

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