Would you like to get paid for exercising while stoned?

Would you like to get paid for exercising while stoned?

Sounds like you are getting two highs in one...

Would you like to get paid for exercising while stoned?

We all know that Vic Naidoo loves the natural high that exercise gives you. And boy, oh, boy can we see it with his sculpted physique...Of course, taking care of your physical well-being is just as much a mental thing as a physical thing. 

And now it's become something of a thing for scientists to want to push the boundaries with studies. There's nothing wrong with pushing the boundaries, we are all for it. But sometimes it can get extreme...

Cue the battle of exercise and getting high...Yes, you read right. Scientists have now entered the space of wanting to study people exercising while under the influence of Cannabis.

"Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are currently recruiting men and women who regularly exercise while high on cannabis to study the potential benefits of the practice. People who apply must...be familiar with mixing cannabis and running workouts. Men who apply must be between 21 and 40, and women must be between 21 and 50." (Business Insider)

We don't know many people who mix the two, in fact we didn't know that was a thing. To get high and do exercise, sounds a bit counter productive...But then again, if you're into it, you obviously have your reasons...

Researchers are said to pay up to $100, which is around R1,500 to each recruit who completes the study. Sounds like a good deal for those who need the extra dough. 

Ever heard of a stonerciser? An April 2021 meta-analysis found cannabis users tend to work out more than their cannabis-free counterparts. Anecdotal reports from so-called "stonercisers" and boutique fitness classes dedicated to getting high and sweating it out suggest the substance can offer a workout boost. (Business Insider)

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Are you as mind-blown as us right now, this is an actual thing? The scientists believe that Cannabis can boost your workout, since it quietens certain areas of the brain that feeds the ego, which consequently results in a "go-with-the-flow mentality" that allows exercising to be less stressful. 

Well, it seems that the 'stonercisers' are on to something clearly, because what it sounds like is that cannabis helps get you into your zone with a workout, whilst also making it more fun to exercise, and we all know that endorphins are good for you...

So would you try it out?

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