WATCH: A new way of looking at 'higher' education - Africa's Cannabis Teaching Academy

WATCH: A new way of looking at 'higher' education - Africa's Cannabis Teaching Academy

Getting high on education is the aim of this academy...

WATCH: A new way of looking at 'higher' education...Africa's Cannabis Teaching Academy
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A true way of finding out how far we have come and a quick reminder of how old you are, is when you find out that there is a whole educational facility dedicated to teaching students about how to grow cannabis.

Yes, you read that right, you are not hallucinating, unless you are and if that's the case then we hope you are seated. We never thought that this would actually be something that would be legalised but it has been (with certain restrictions). 

This academy is not just a place that is going to harness your talent for growing 'green', but rather a chance to broaden your sphere when it comes to being a part of an industry that is booming. 

This not only heightens your appeal in terms of employability, but also teaches you the benefits of cannabis in its entirety. Trenton Birch, CEO and co-founder of Cheeba Africa, says it's all about learning.

"We discourage our students to come to class after consuming cannabis. We don't believe that the two go hand in hand. This is not a stoner campus. It's a campus where people come to learn," he told News24.

The Cheeba Cannabis Academy is situated on an old mining training facility's site and now serves as a space where students can grow, harvest, and explore the growing cannabis industry.

"While the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill in South Africa still sits in Parliament, the fight for decriminalisation is still ongoing. Users are prohibited from smoking dagga in public and the Bill does not make provision for commercialisation." (News24)

As much as there is much contention regarding the school and the objectives, it is important to note that this is a reality for many people who suffer from chronic and larger medical issues, so being sensitive to the bigger picture here is more important.

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