Would you eat this vanilla ice cream made out of plastic?

Would you eat this vanilla ice cream made out of plastic?

Well, a UK designer and a food scientist and researcher decided to create this ice cream, but no one has tasted it yet. 

A woman with blonde hair mixing ice cream on counter top
A woman with blonde hair mixing ice cream on counter top/YouTube Screenshot/@InsideEdition

As the days begin to warm up, there's nothing quite like enjoying a cold scoop of ice cream. 

But would you believe it, there's a designer and food scientist who worked together to create a vanilla-flavoured ice cream made with plastic. 

As part of her final year project, Eleonora Ortolani from Central Saint Martins Design School wanted to do something that she believed no one had attempted before. 

She wanted to use small amounts of plastic to make ice cream flavouring. 

"The project, titled Guilty Flavours, was inspired by the young designer’s frustration with how plastic was generally being recycled: being made into products that couldn’t be recycled any further.

Having recently heard about a species of worm that could digest plastic bags, she started wondering if there was any way humans could eat plastic, break it down, and eliminate it for good." (Oddity Central)

Ortolani was excited about the concept although she admits it was not easy finding someone who would assist her. 

She found Joanna Sadler from the University of Edinburgh to assist her in her project and was responsible for "synthesizing synthetic vanillin from plastic".

Watch the video showing her mixing her plastic ice cream. 

Courtesy of YouTube

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Even though the molecule structure is identical to that of vanillin, no one has had a taster yet. 

"Ortolani hasn’t tasted it, and nor has anyone else. There is a good reason for that. Because this is a world’s first, it is considered a completely new ingredient by food safety bodies, so no one is allowed to eat it until it is studied and deemed safe for consumption." (Oddity Central)

The artist's plastic-synthesized vanillin ice cream is contained in a fridge on display at Central Saint Martins. 

And Ortolani is hoping that her project will start a conversation among people about plastic. 

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