KZN's first solely online ice-cream company

KZN's first solely online ice-cream company

Sweet Dreams are made of this...

Sweet Dreams ice cream
Sweet Dreams ice cream / Instagram

Are you in the market for a delectable ice-cream delivered straight to your doorstep?

Come rain or shine, Sweet Dream ice-cream has you covered, KZN!

This ice-cream brand is seeking to change the perception that you can only have ice-cream in Summer; it's a treat for all year round.

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Sweet Dream Ice-Cream is a Proudly South African artisanal ice-cream brand which uses locally-sourced produce. It is also KZN's very first solely online ice-cream brand.

The combination of fresh produce and passion create a custard-style ice-cream that is richer, smoother, more flavourful, and much more satisfying than any other product on the market. Don’t just taste Ice-Cream, Experience IT!

In case you missed it, Stacey and J Sbu have created their very own ice-cream range in collaboration with Sweet Dream.

Check out what transpired when the two powerhouses combined:

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