Israeli restaurant serves ice-cream dish out of a toilet

Israeli restaurant serves ice-cream dish out of a toilet

You gotta be shi**ing us!


Being a food establishment that is trendy and has that certain sense of je ne sais quoi isn't easy in this day and age. 

One restaurant that pushed the boundary when it came to their serving dishes is named Gordos Restaurant

It is located in Israel and has a way of doing things that not everyone might be happy with. 

They have named one of the dishes, 'Third House Sh*t', and the name isn't the only thing that is vulgar. 

The dish is actually chocolate ice-cream that is served - or shall we say smeared - all over a real toilet. 

Patrons eat the chocolate ice-cream from inside the toilet bowl. 

Just thinking about it is giving us nausea. 

Watch the video as this group of friends take the plunge (pun intended). 

Please note that this video may be too graphic for some viewers and if you are squeamish, we suggest you not watch. 

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According to online publication, Oddity Central, "The concept of ice cream served in a miniature toilet bowl has been done before, but Gordos is the first eatery to truly strive for realism, no matter how disgusting their product might look."

The question is, would you eat something like this just to say you tried it?

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