Woman’s hilarious obituary for husband is the perfect tribute

Woman’s hilarious obituary for husband is the perfect tribute

As she grieves the loss of her husband, one woman took on a comedic route in her obituary – and it has the internet in stitches!

Crystal Sauser

After her husband died from cancer, a woman from Nebraska in America opted to take an alternative route when it came to her late husband’s obituary. In a way to capture his spirit and celebrate the life he lived, she wrote an hilarious obituary - and it’s quickly going viral on social media.

Crystal and Eric Sauser had been married for 13 years when their love story came to an untimely end on 26 February when the 43-year-old dental technician died after a battle with leukaemia.

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Crystal wrote Eric's notice of death and published it in the local paper – and it’s spreading on social media like wildfire thanks to its comedic approach.

"Eric A. Sauser, AKA Super Dad, AKA Easy, just a rockin' dude ... passed away peacefully in his sleep on Friday, February 26, 2021, at the age of 43 with his wife by his side," it read. "His departure was just in time for him to make his spiritual appearance at every Red Sox spring game. Eric is survived by his wife, Crystal, and three children, Amelia, Violet and Benjamin, all of whom will likely sleep in the same bed for many years to come (sorry, Eric),” the obituary read.

Jokingly, Crystal adds: "We are not positive, but we think the cause of death was either leukaemia or more likely being 'dead sexy.' Eric, we've always loved you and miss you already."

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"I think his face is so red," Crystal told American breakfast show 'Good Morning America' when asked what Eric would think about the attention. "He's completely embarrassed by me saying things [in the obituary] like, 'He's dead sexy,' but he would be so happy that he wasn't cookie cutter."

Eric’s journey with leukaemia started in April 2019 after he was suffering from night sweats and got winded one evening when carrying his daughter to bed. "We were shocked," Crystal said in the interview. "Eric said nothing but, 'Oh well, it's fine. We are going to just deal with this.' So, that was our mantra and that's what we followed."

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According to Crystal, Eric underwent a stem cell transplant, experimental therapy, and several other treatments throughout his battle but the cancer reappeared in April 2020. "At that point Eric said, 'Enough is enough. I'm putting you guys through way too much,'" she continues. "But through the entire journey, Eric was such an amazing guy. He always had a smile on his face ... he was more worried what was going on with everyone else than him. I'm sad because I have a broken heart, but I'm not sad because we didn't win our journey. Eric never wanted pity ... we kind of maintained that in writing the obituary."

Read the full obituary here:

Image courtesy: Crystal Sauser

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