Cadbury has just launched a limited edition Creme Egg flavoured beer.

Cadbury has just launched a limited edition Creme Egg flavoured beer

Anyone else keen to jump on a plane and get your hands on this right now?

Creme Egg Beer

The UK’s Goose Island Beer Company has unveiled an exciting new beer after it decided to marry the grainy notes of the alcoholic beverage with the sweet taste of Cadbury's Creme Egg for an exciting new product.

With Easter coming soon, the brand wanted to create something special and, according to Goose Island, their limited edition Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout is a perfect “blend of malted barley, oats, wheat and milk sugar' that provides a 'deliciously rich and creme-y texture.” As for the chocolate part? The brand says it has added cacao nibs and vanilla beans to “lift the creme and chocolatey notes to deliver a celebratory beer that is smooth, rich and eggselently balanced”.

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However, the new item is having an incredibly limited release, with only 3,000 cans going into production and will be priced at around R210 for two 440ml cans.

Goose Island Master Brewer, Andrew, says in a statement that "the flavours of a stout are already quite complementary to the Creme Egg, but I wanted to make sure when you crack open the beer you knew immediately what the inspiration was and really big up the chocolate and creaminess of the beer, while keeping it super drinkable."

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The brand explains that actual Creme Eggs haven't been included in the recipe, they reckon they've found all the right flavours and that they’re excited to get a response from the public regarding its unique taste.

Would you drink a Creme Egg flavoured beer? Do you think any other unconventional blends would make for a delicious drink? Let Vic know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: Goose Island Beer Company

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