WATCH: World's oldest powerlifter holds a Guinness World Record at 100-years-old

WATCH: World's oldest powerlifter holds a Guinness World Record at 100-years-old

Edith Murway is a century old and she holds a Guinness World Record for powerlifting...

WATCH: Woman who holds the world record for powerlifting is 100-years-old
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We would like to believe that we look at age in the face and say, you won't get the better of us. But with age comes the reality of getting older, and with getting older we face the reality of our bodies not being able to operate the way it did the year before. 

But with everything in life, we believe that your mindset is everything. When you believe you can do it then it's most likely that you can do it, regardless of any circumstance, that is including age. 

Edith Murway-Traina turned 100-years-old on the 8th of August this year and besides reaching her milestone of a century, she also has something else under her belt of achievements. 

"She took up deadlifting and benching at 91 to indulge a friend who had “dragged her kicking and screaming” to the gym. The Floridian was soon hooked and began entering competitions. In her most recent event, on 10 Nov 2019, she placed second in her class with a 60‑lb (27.2‑kg) bench press aged 98 years, 94 days!" (YouTube)

Edith is from the US and she recently attained the World Guinness Record for being the oldest competitive powerlifter. She said that once people found out her age, they became more interested and started paying more attention to her. 

Edith admits that being acknowledged by the crowd does really matter to her. 

"As a performer and a dancer, applause was always a very important part of my enjoyment. I was happier each I time I got more and more applause.

"I’m expecting that in November, I will have another trophy along with a whole bunch of applause. Then I’ll take things from there." (News24)

Here's to Edith and her smashing all her goals, at 100 she is still looking to achieving them and that should be a big motivation for all of us...

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