WATCH: Guinness World Records has found the woman with the 'World's Biggest Mouth'

WATCH: Guinness World Records has found the woman with the 'World's Biggest Mouth'

Samantha Ramsdell becomes the Guinness World Record Holder for the Woman with the Biggest Mouth...

WATCH: The Guinness World Records finds the woman with the biggest mouth
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A woman by the name of Samantha Ramsdell has been awarded by The Guinness World Records for having the biggest mouth in the world. Just when we think we have heard it all, there is something weird and wacky that is entered into the world records. 

We heard about her towards the end of last year as she downloaded TikTok and decided to have a go at the social media platform. She started making a stir online as someone told her to check the current measurements for the person holding the record for the biggest mouth. 

We have got to say that she sure has a fun approach of looking at her mouth. Where some people shy away from bringing notice to their differences, she encourages everyone to embrace their uniqueness. Which is what she has done with her big mouth. 

Check out the video from the Guinness World Records YouTube page:

She speaks about being bullied as a young child and as an adult in her 30s, she has found a way to embrace her individuality. That part of her that makes her different has earned her a huge social media following, a Guinness World Record and we are sure a host of other things. 

She has accepted challenges on what she can fit into her mouth, from 3 donuts, to the entire Large portion of McDonald's chips. She is both bubbly and unique and we have got to say, we are loving her energy. She seems like one of those people that is exactly how she appears to be in her videos. 

She shared that the Guinness World Records people contacted her as someone commented on her social media the current holder for the biggest mouth and she had that poor guy beat...

It just goes to show that sometimes what seems like a flaw to some, is an asset to others. It teaches us that we shouldn't judge people by what we assume to be abnormal, we are all just trying to find our place in the world, and we should support each other on the way, not make it more difficult for others. 

Check out some of her other videos from TikTok:


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