WATCH: A woman shares her story about being body shamed at her gym

WATCH: Woman shares her story about being body shamed at her gym

A woman turns to TikTok to share her very unpleasant experience with her gym, where she is asked to leave because of their dress policies.

WATCH: A woman is asked to leave her gym because she was showing her belly
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It's not an easy task to take the first step when it comes to a fitness journey. The courage and mental investment is huge, and can be damning when it comes to zoning all the negativity out. 

Many times, it doesn't just take courage, but strong will and self motivation to commit to it. Even more than the very critical voice in your own head, it's the fact that you are choosing to put yourself out there and allowing other people to pipe in, not that their opinion matters, but you get where we are going with this. 

We live in a world that is filled with negativity. The energy that one can put into being mean or nasty can easily be converted into saying something kind or nice to someone. 

The effects of uplifting another person, under normal circumstance, ,can be life-changing. So why is it that we, as society, choose to shame another for trying to better themselves? It can be damaging to a person's mental and physical well-being. 

WATCH the videos of her sharing her disheartening experience below (courtesy of TikTok):

WATCH her second video explaining to some TikTokers that didn't understand her emotion, why she was upset. (Courtesy of TikTok)

In no way is what she has been through okay, and when people use social media to share such experiences, they use it as an outlet, but it can also be seen as a way of helping others who have quite possibly been through similar experiences. 

These types of posts help those that don't have the courage to share their body shaming experiences. We love what you have done here, Shelly, and we hope that your message can help others heal from their experiences and allow them to break free from the small mindedness of many people. 

To you, Shelly, and anyone who can relate, you is amazing, you is kind, and YOU IS BEAUTIFUL! 

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