WATCH: Young Pietermaritzburg woman cat-called and harassed

WATCH: Young Pietermaritzburg woman cat-called and harassed

A video that has been shared on Twitter is once again raising the question: Why are men still cat-calling and harassing women?


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For years upon years, and decades upon decades, people have been subjected to the uncalled for and unsolicited remarks made by strangers.

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Making sweeping generalisations is not ideal, but here are just a few statistics from a study done by Hollaback! and ILR Schoolat Cornell University, that might put a few things into perspective:

  1. Globally, the majority of women will experience street harassment for the first time before the age of 17.
  2. 80% of South African women change their clothing because of fear of being harassed
  3. 72% of South African women report being followed by a man or a group of men

And we wonder why our country has such a problem with gender-based violence when these microaggressions begin in the streets?

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J Sbu recently saw a video that absolutely disgusted him.

The video in question has been circulating on social media and even WhatsApp. It shows a young woman, probably in her early 20s, who is allegedly from Pietermaritzburg. She is walking down the street while wearing an outfit that is on the more revealing side.

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While someone was filming her walking along, a group of people, men and women alike, started circling her, yelling at her, asking her "what was she thinking" (referring to her outfit choice), and some of the men even started touching her.

You can watch the full video here:

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There was no question in J Sbu's mind that this behaviour is unacceptable.

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While Stacey was shocked, she was not too surprised.

Being a woman in South Africa, she is no stranger to this kind of behaviour.

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This video has given not only them but everyone a lot to think about.

There have been many campaigns, organisations, speeches, conferences, and more that have addressed the issue of cat-calling, which clearly indicates that this is a bigger concern than some people might think.

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It's time everyone tries to do better.

How much longer will women, men, teenagers, and children continue walking the streets in fear?

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