Year In Review: Stacey Norman addresses hurtful body-shaming comments on-air

As difficult as it was Stacey Norman addressed hurtful body shaming Facebook comments on-air

Things took an unexpected turn on one of our normal Wednesdays when Stacey and J Sbu decided to address a personal attack that was aimed at one of the two. 

Stacey crying

Known for their bubbly and positive attitude, Stacey and JSbu's mood was a bit different on this day. This was because of a handful of hateful Facebook comments that were directed at Stacey Norman about her looks. 

Prior to the comments, the duo had chatted about a new accessory that Stacey was thinking of getting - a nose ring. J Sbu let his co-host know his thoughts, which were that she did not need a nose ring and that she was perfect the way she is. 

If you missed that conversation, listen to the podcast below: 

During the show, the digital producer posted a picture of Stacey on the Facebook page with a fake nose ring on and asked KZN whether or not they believed that a nose ring would suit her.

What followed was a stream of inappropriate, hateful, and shameful comments from some Facebook users. The post had to be deleted because the comments were too much to handle. Stacey unfortunately caught sight of some of the comments before it was taken down and like any human being, they had a real affect on her, so much so that she did not even want to come to work. 

She did create a thread on Twitter speaking about her feelings, read it below: 

Stacey did show up for the show that day, but J Sbu could see that the events were still affecting her, so he suggested that he address it in the first hour of the show that day. 

Listen to the full podcast below, it was really quite impactful:

For more unmissable moments from your favourite duo, Stacey and JSbu- listen below: 

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