WATCH: A woman finds out that her neighbour is a radio host in the worst way

WATCH: A woman finds out that her neighbour is a radio host in the worst way

What would you do if you heard a private conversation being aired on live radio?

WATCH: A woman finds out that her neighbour is a radio host in the worst way...
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Of course we are very much aware about the world of radio, it is fast paced, exciting, and a place that can be sensitive for certain listeners. If you are wondering why, it's like any form of entertainment, there are people who will enjoy your content and those that may not. 

Regardless, as radio personalities, it's a two-sided coin, you have to reveal things about yourself that will allow your listeners to connect with you, whilst also making sure that you are not being offensive to those listeners who aren't connecting with you...

Like many other forms of media, there's no way to be completely objective, as you speak from experience, you share your opinion. Ultimately that's what it means to share your personality on the airwaves...

But what happens if whilst sharing your personality and your stories, you end up hurting someone who happened to be listening? Does an 'Oops' count as your 'get out of jail free' card? We guess it depends on what was said...

A woman shared the moment that she realised that her neighbour was a radio host with her followers on TikTok. And to be honest, it seemed quite hurtful, she looked disappointed and hurt by his words, and we cannot say we blame her. 

She admittedly was hurt by his comments, and, of course, no one else would've known that he was referring to her because he never mentioned her name on-air. 

Check out the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


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The video has received a lot of attention, more than she expected. Because now it was a case of him receiving hate from people over the fact that he said mean stuff about her on-air. 

So she sent him a message apologising about the situation, and offered to delete the video, to which he replied, no don't delete it, make a part two to explain things to people. 

So this was her part two, which explains everything in detail. We commend her for owning her truth, many people are afraid to do that. They would rather be mean, lie, and be fake than to stand up for what they have done. Either way, it's freedom of expression, and let's just leave it at that...

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