Happy National Radio Day! Carol Ofori talks about her biggest lesson

Happy National Radio Day! Carol Ofori talks about her biggest lesson

Carol Ofori shares a special life lesson that she has learned from working in radio for 20 years...

Happy National Radio Day! Carol Ofori: "The biggest lesson I've learned about radio is believing in myself..."
Carol Ofori

Today is a special day for all of our presenters and DJs, it's a day that is dedicated to their passion - Radio. It is National Radio Day and in paying tribute to this day, we wanted to share a special message with you from Carol Ofori

She isn't called your best friend on radio for nothing, she is literally that person that is able to share sound advice in a high-spirited and friendly way. For listeners, she is that best friend, that voice of reason and joviality that helps them through their days. 

Being in radio for 20 years is no small feat, it is a huge milestone and especially for someone who started off in humble radio beginnings. Carol Ofori shares a special message about being in radio and learning a big lesson that many of us could benefit from. 

The essence of radio is to provide entertainment for listeners in an auditory form. This not only tests our ability to learn but also helps us train ourselves in becoming better listeners, in all areas of life (well, we would hope so, anyway). 

But the challenge for radio personalities and DJs is capturing you as a listener and maintaining your interest, which isn't always easy. These words of wisdom from Carol Ofori aren't just something that she has had to learn from radio, but a lesson that many people have had to learn in life. 

We can firmly say that her words of wisdom can truly benefit anyone trying to live out their passions, anyone who wants to make a name for themselves. Sometimes the journey to success can be rocky, it can be challenging and trying, but if you believe in yourself, then anything is possible...

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