Let's take this show on the road: "I love radio!" - Gordon Graham

Let's take this show on the road: "I love radio!" - Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham opens up about radio and why he loves it so much! 

Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham

"I Love Radio! There I said it, I Do, I LOVE Radio!"

I love everything about it; from the thrill of doing my first radio show on commercial radio  back in 1996 (whilst trembling with fear and nervous energy) that first time I turned on the mic was just incredible, to the anticipation of preparing a show with some great ideas and then the satisfaction of executing it and getting the audience response I had hoped for.  There really is nothing quite like the rush of being the voice on a radio station that you are passionate about.

The interesting thing is that the feeling of excitement still exists and every show is almost like the first time; it’s the reason I have enjoyed a career in this incredible industry for over 25 years.

Radio has given me incredible opportunities that I otherwise would never have had. I have interviewed the most incredible people and leaders in their field.  I have spoken with amazing artists like Bryan Adams and Celine Dion - to name just two - of the many over the years, and it hasn’t just been music related.

I have interviewed top actors, business moguls, beauty queens, royalty and even would you believe WWE Wrestling stars.  None of that would have happened to a simple boy who was born in KZN and grew up in the West Rand of Gauteng.  

Gordon Graham 4
Gordon Graham

Can I say it again, "I LOVE RADIO!"

One of the most interesting opportunities this incredible medium has lead to a secondary career - in the most unusual way.

The Radio Station I worked for in the Eastern Cape was the media partner to an ultra-distance triathlon event called Ironman I was asked to conduct an interview with the South African owners of the Ironman brand here in SA and it was during that interview that I was dared to do the race myself.  Now, anyone who knows me, knows I have zero athletic ability but what I do have is a sense of adventure. It took a little bit of convincing, but I said yes to my first Ironman - 70.3. 

70.3 refers to the distance of the event in miles, 70.3 Miles = 113 kilometers of swim (1.9k) bike (90.1k) and run(21,1k)

At the time I had no idea what I was in for but with Ironman SA’s help I got a coach, a new wetsuit and a bike and worked hard for 6 months before attempting my first race. 

Radio led me to that!

After the first one the bug bit and I ended up doing multiple 70.3 and full distance (140.6 miles = 226k’s) Ironman Races.

It was around 5 years later that I decided I needed a break from participating and I humbly told the owners just that  This, in turn, prompted them to invite me to work as a Race Commentator which I have to say has turned out to be such a passion of mine.  

You know, the job that doesn’t feel like a job because its so much fun?

From that initial Ironman event in SA, I got invited to my first international race in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf and from there it was Dubai, next thing I knew it was Europe and Asia and now (pre covid of course) I work in multiple countries several times a year.

Gordon Graham 3
Gordon Graham

Ok that long intro leads me to this point, "Let’s take the show on the road!"

Taking the Show on the Road was originally an Americanism from show business around 1910, when companies presenting plays, vaudeville, and circuses toured all over the country, it came to be used more generally by 1940 or so and basically meant the show moved from city to city and was produced wherever they could find an audience.

Technology has advanced to such a space now where taking a radio show on the road is not only doable but with the right team, almost simple.

Hosting ‘The More Music Breakfast Show’ is such a privilege and I would hate to miss a single show because I was travelling for work at Ironman races.  So, when East Coast Gold and East Coast Radio management suggested I do the show from any location, I absolutely relished the opportunity to bring you the same great classic hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s every weekday  from the best locations my work allowed me to visit.

So far we have taken East Coast Gold to Dubai (our first international broadcast) to Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey, Sankt Pölten and Klagenfurt in Austria, Nur Sultan in Kazakhstan (I know right how cool is that?!) and recently St Petersburg in Russia; oh and an airport hotel room in Paris - nerve wracking.

The show must go on and with the help of our East Coast Gold technical team we are able to keep the show on air from wherever we are and share some of the sights from these incredible destinations.  What an absolute privilege!

Soon we will take you to Cape Town when I visit for the Cycle Tour and The Cape Epic. The we head to Greece and, lastly, to Turkey for the final event on my international calendar for 2021. Next year promises to be even better as COVID-19 restrictions ease and my poster sized South African Vaccination Card allows us to get out there and see the World again.

I Love Radio, I love sports announcing, I love travel and I love sharing these experiences with you in the hope that you will dream and follow through on going to explore the world yourself.

Oh… and did I mention I love radio?

For loads of fantastic 60s, 70s and 80s classics, listen to East Coast Gold via the ECR app or here

We’re also on various other platforms, including Alexa (just enable the ‘East Coast Gold’ skill), MyTuner, Radio Garden, iono.fm, Radioline or OpenRadio.

Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham

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