WATCH: When your mother compliments her 'live' chicken curry...

WATCH: When your mother compliments her 'live' chicken curry...

A humourous video that shows how local is always lekker. 

Durban Live Chicken Curry
Durban Live Chicken Curry/TikTok Screenshot/@EmmyNaidoo1

If you're a Durbanite, there's nothing quite like a fresh chicken curry on a cold day. 

And with the weather we have been experiencing lately, it really does warm the heart and soul to be welcomed home to a warm curry; something that's made with a big 'complimenting' or should we say, 'complaining' heart. 

Many Indian mothers are famous for their wholesome cooking and this mother definitely sparks her own praises when it comes to her 'live' chicken curry. 

In KZN, many homes are familiar with cooking a chicken that has been freshly slaughtered. It is something of a tradition, and somewhere along the way, it earned the name 'Live Chicken' in many Indian households. 

TikToker by the name of Emmy Naidoo posted a video of her mother's live chicken curry and a brief conversation they had. 

And we have to admit... we found it hilarious. The way Emmy's mother owns her truth, reminds us that in 'life' you have to walk proudly with your cultural euphemisms (if that's what we can call them).

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok


Excited for her son to enjoy the chicken curry😍😛

♬ original sound - browngirl3mmy

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The comments on the video reveal that we were not the only ones who loved this mother's amazing attitude. 

Many people shared praise for her complementing her cooking and not waiting for someone else to do that for you. 

Lichelle: "I love this aunty she has so nice way and always happy shame God bless u with a long life 🥰🥰🥰" 

Another user: "yesssss mommy complement your own food, way to go I love the confidence🥰🥰🥰" 

Vorasha: "Aww reminds me sooo much of my late mum." 

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