WATCH: A TikTok'er from Tongaat asks people to educate her...

WATCH: A TikTok'er from Tongaat asks people to educate her...

This is 'tomato' all over again? 

WATCH: A TikTok'er from Tongaat asks people to educate her...
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Every so often we have moments where we struggle to understand people. And by that we don't mean the context of what they are saying, but rather the actual words that they are speaking...

Perhaps it could be due to their accent, or the way they pronounce their words, but we know for certain that it is not ideal when it comes time for you to respond and you don't know what to say...

This is why we kind of love/hate this video that we found on TikTok. Love because she is honest and genuinely seems to be asking for help from her fellow community. 

And hate, well, because why should she feel like she needs to conform to a particular standard of how to say things? Why can't we just appreciate the fact that we are all different and instead of finding fault in that, embrace it?

Ideal world, right?

Check out her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@farhaortega How do you even say it? 😒.. #Educateme #Tongaat #FarhaOrtega #Fyp #Lol ♬ original sound - Farha Ortega

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The best part of the video has got to be the comments. Where many people could've used this opportunity to troll and make fun of her, they joined her in amusement. 

Her video post also allowed other people from Tongaat to join the conversation and congregate in unison about the way to say their town's name. They showed pride for their farm town and agreed that she said it correctly. 

One person even proved our point in saying: "How ever u say it say it, don't wory lots of people who's correcting u say words wrong as wel." (TikTok)

The TikTok'er's name is Farha Ortega, and many people have been intrigued by her heritage. Her mother is South African and her father is Cuban, and, as we heard, she has lived in Tongaat all her life. 

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