WATCH: This is what happens when you steal someone's petrol

WATCH: This is what happens when you steal someone's petrol

Not sure how to answer that one...

WATCH: What would you do if someone stole the petrol you just purchased?
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We all have had to face the challenges that the fuel increase has placed on our lives. Because as we have mentioned previously, it's not just our transport costs that go up, it's our food costs as well. 

Knowing full well that the cost of everything snowballs as the cost of fuel rises. So, to watch this video comes from a very sensitive place. Firstly, it's not cool to steal (even though this was alleged) and secondly... how rude!

A guy shared a video of a woman who allegedly stole their fuel that they had already paid for. She is videoed ruthlessly taking the petrol without any remorse and doesn't shy away from using profanity. 

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Check out the video below, remember this is not for sensitive viewers. Courtesy of TikTok:

@mypg13account We went inside the gas station to pay, and when we come out we see this lady just robbing our gas #fyp ♬ original sound - Vitaly

If you paid attention to the profanity, then you will note that she wasn't the kindness of people in her approach to the alleged robbery. Besides the fact that fuel is expensive, there is the principle behind not taking what's not yours. 

So many people came to the comment section asking the TikToker why they didn't do anything to her. And he came back saying, he didn't want to go to jail...The truth is that it could've turned uglier had they physically stopped her in some way. 

There was no information as to what happened in the end, but to take someone else's fuel, is not cool at all! The thing to learn from this situation, besides not getting violent, is that sometimes you have to weigh your odds out. 

Is it worth your mental state of wellbeing? If not, then you should let it go, you will find another way...

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