Money on the ground... would you stop to grab cash off the road?

Money on the ground... would you stop to grab cash off the road?

A cash-in-transit van gets blown up and people go wild...

Money on the ground...Would you stop to grab cash off the road?
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When we see money on the ground, it's almost instinctive to pick it up. It's like the universe is serving up money for you for the taking...Right? Finding a coin whilst walking down the street is different to actively seeking out money from a burning G4S van.

Or are you more of the "Finder's keepers' mentality? Whatever your thought process is, we have an interesting story to share today, weirdly enough these are two different instances, one local story and one from the states. 

A robbery of a cash-in-transit vehicle ended in flames when robbers bombed and then stole an undisclosed amount of cash from a G4S van this past weekend. But that's not the end of it, video footage shows passers by taking full advantage of the cash money that gathered around the burning van. 

The video shows people trying to speedily grab up any cash that they can get their hands on. The sad reality is that they essentially contributing to the crime that was committed here, because that's not a free for all. 

WATCH the video footage below, courtesy of YouTube:

The robbery is said to have taken place near the Rustenburg Civic Centre on Sunday. "North West police have launched a manhunt for a group who bombed and robbed a G4S cash van and fled with an undisclosed amount of money." (YouTube)

Then in a separate incident in San Diego, United States of America, the remnants of cash from an armoured truck was literally sprinkled all over the freeway. A woman shared a video of the cars on the freeway coming to a complete stop to pick up dollars off the road. 

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Check out the video below, courtesy of Reddit:

Not sure what happens in these kinds of cases, in terms of the law. But in principle, should each of these people not be held responsible for taking cash that it essentially not theirs? 

Let us know what you think below...

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