WATCH: Skater shows off her incredible talents

WATCH: Skater shows off her incredible talents

Vasilisa Maslova is the slalom freestyle world champion and it's clear to see why.

Vasilisa Maslova

You've probably never heard of slalom freestyle skating and that's okay. 

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Until seeing this Instagram video we didn't either:

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Here's what you need to know about this sport:

Freestyle slalom skating is a type of roller skating. Now unlike what you would see in some 80's television show, this is not all glitter and legwarmers.

This is intense.

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It is a highly technical field that involves performing tricks. The tricks are done by moving around equally spaced cones that have been lined up

And Vasilisa Maslova isn't just the world champion of this highly skilled sport, but also 1st in the world rankings!

You can follow her on Instagram if you want to witness just some of her talents.

All we want to know is: when is the next world championship and where can we stream it?

Main image courtesy of Vasilisa Maslova Official Instagram

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