What does a Louis Vuitton face mask cost? R15 000!

What does a Louis Vuitton face mask cost?

It's 2020 and every brand has decided to capitalise on the pandemic by creating face masks.

Louis Vuitton

It's been said many times before, but face masks are now a part of our lives and won't be going anywhere soon.

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Most businesses jumped at the opportunity to release branded face masks, especially as it could provide some extra income during these times.

Then on the other side of the spectrum, you have the fashion designer and high-end brands, doing what they do best: taking something boring or ugly (like Crocs) and turning it into fashion!

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Take Louis Vuitton for example. 

They have decided to take the very plain plastic visor and upgrade it with the iconic LV logo, with an elastic monogrammed strap and golden studs also saying LV (just in case you were still wondering which brand the mask belongs to).

The company had decided to sell the mask for $961, which is just more than R15,000, which is a pretty steep price considering the cost of an average face mask.

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But if you're still on the fence on whether to make this purchase or not, maybe this could be the thing that convinces you to make the purchase - when you flip the mask it turns into a hat.

Any other inclusions in the price? Not that we can see...

The people who are buying these face masks will definitely be turning heads when they walk down the street!

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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