WATCH: Cats recreate an iconic 'The Lion King' scene

WATCH: Cats recreate an iconic 'The Lion King' scene

The person who captured the video was at the right place, at the right time.

Lion King

The original 'The Lion King' is absolutely iconic and will remain one of the most timeless movies.

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There are so many infamous moments throughout the movie, but one of the most emotional scenes has to be the death of Mufasa.

The showdown between him and Scar has also been recreated and parodied many times since its release.

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But the latest reimagination has to be one of the most original and entertaining versions yet.

The 10-second video was taken in the Dominican Republic and shows two cats viciously fighting each other.

The two cats seem to be on top of the roof of a building and eventually one is partly hanging off a ledge.

You can watch the video below featuring the 'The Lion King' spin:

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It was confirmed that the hanging cat was not harmed and landed on a ledge just below.

Just watching this Twitter edit gave us Mufasa vs. Scar flashbacks!

Main image courtesy of YouTube

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