WATCH: The self-proclaimed 'Sauciest Guy On Social Media' picks up older women...

WATCH: The self-proclaimed 'Sauciest Guy On Social Media' picks up older women...

What would you say to someone who walked up to you and called you beautiful?

WATCH: A self proclaimed sauciest guy on social media picks up older women...
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There's no doubt that when it comes to the social media game, many people have picked niches that involve very speculative topics. One such account is a guy who claims to be the sauciest guy on TikTok and YouTube. 

When it comes to creating content, these types of videos are surprisingly very appealing to many people online. They are entertaining and we think that is key to gaining traction in the social media world. 

His thing online is pick up lines and using them on women over 30. He recently posted a video of him approaching a more mature woman, who responded to this very basic pick up line, "I think you are beautiful", with the fact or untruth that she has a boyfriend. 

Many people have come through doubting his videos, saying that it is all an act and that he is doing this just for likes and gaining followers. Whether or not that rings true, we are not sure. These days you can never truly tell...

WATCH a video of his that he entitled, 'Sugar Mom' (courtesy of TikTok):


Sauciest guy on this app😂 ##SoFiMoneyMoves ##fyp ##foryou ##SaucyAj

♬ original sound - Saucy AJ 🖤

Check out another one of his pick up videos (courtesy of TikTok):


Some people call it smooth. I call it sauce😂😭✍🏽 ##fyp ##NissanShowUp ##SoFiMoneyMoves ##SaucyAj

♬ original sound - Saucy AJ 🖤

"This kind of quasi-real skit is eternally popular on vlogging platforms, supposedly revealing sexy truths about how men and women interact. We’re meant to believe that Saucy AJ is so smooth that he can just walk up to women and get them to cheat on their boyfriends with a 20-second pickup script. But in reality, if a guy approaches a girl in a public place and she tells him she already has a boyfriend, it probably means she wants the guy to leave her alone." (Daily Dot)

Whatever the reasoning, we wanted to know if these pick up lines still actually work for you? 

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