#WCW: "I have always loved music, it was engraved in my DNA," says Durban artist Kate Anniah

#WCW: "I have always loved music, it was engraved in my DNA," says Durban artist Kate

This Durbanite is also celebrating her 25th birthday this year...

#WCW: "I have definitely always loved music, it was somewhat engraved in my DNA" says Durban artist, Kate Anniah
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Coming from a traditional Indian family isn't easy, especially when you are part of the LGBTQAI+ community. Many members of the queer community, regardless of race, ethnicity, and culture, find it challenging to come out to their friends and family. 

As much as it is a reality, it is also sad because we live in a diverse world. Having to explain our sexuality to our loved ones in 2021 is mind boggling. 

We all should be allowed to be ourselves freely, without having to have a reason for being who we are. Case on point, a beautifully talented young woman by the name of Kate

This 24-year-old isn't just part of the LGBTQAI+ community but she is also a singer, producer, songwriter, and she teaches students how to play piano and guitar, and assists with vocals and music production. 

Kate attended her first music concert at the age of twelve and that is when she realised that she wanted to be a performer. From initially dreaming about being a doctor, she realised that music is her love story. 

Check out one of her mash up videos below (courtesy of TikTok):


Ignore the 🚢 blowing it’s horn while I’m recording. Rude. ##singing##lgbtq

♬ original sound - Kate Music

Kate teamed up with a UK-based producer called Osfire and released her single, 'Venom'. The song talks about acceptance and has some inspiration from her claiming her queer identity in the LGBQTAI+ community. 

She explained that 'Venom' isn't just any ordinary love song - it is more than that. We love the way she produces and her style, and we are happy that we get to celebrate her while she is still building her music. 

So we can firmly say, we knew Kate way back then...

More than that, she represents a part of our community that needs someone addressing. 

Using social media to tackle the things that Indian kids have to go through, whether that is motivated by the lack of understanding or just plain 'old school', orthodox mentalities, her voice is proud and humourous, and we appreciate it. 

Another one of her melodies (courtesy of TikTok):


Let’s just ignore the off notes and pitch👀

♬ original sound - Kate Music
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