WATCH: Principal's MC Hammer parody goes viral

WATCH: Principal's MC Hammer parody goes viral

While the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the release of many song parodies, this latest offering from a school principal is one of our favourites!


With over three-million views and counting, Alabama High School principal Quentin Lee is now responsible for one of the hottest song parodies to come out since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Lee decided that he had to tune into his musical side to try and get through to his students and help his school prep for their reopening during the Coronavirus era.

Little did he know that he would be the next viral sensation.

Using the tune of MC Hammer's most famous song, 'U Can't Touch This', he delivers the safety lessons for the new classroom environment in a fun yet informative way.

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And with the continuous love the video is receiving from its community, it's clear that with the help of Lee's killer dance moves and brilliant lyrics, this video resonates with anyone and everyone.

    Lee also said that what he really hopes is that his students realise that creativity has no end.

    Make sure to watch the entertaining video below:

    During these uncertain times, videos like this and people like Quentin Lee are happy blessings.

    Main image courtesy of YouTube

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