'Idols SA' returns!

'Idols SA' returns!

We're sure you must be just as happy as we are about the return of 'Idols SA', so we thought it just wouldn't be fair if we didn't ask KZN a few song-related questions.


It's only natural that you have a bunch of opinions when watching any reality television series. Especially when it comes to a show such as 'Idols SA', where the show is a competition based on judgements.

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And, oh boy, do people enjoy being part of the stay-at-home judge's panel. 

One thing that seems to be a common thing amongst Idols SA fans, is that everyone always has something to say about a contestant's song choice.

Time and time again it has been proven that your choice of song could determine how far you get in the competition.

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Now imagine you had all the control and you were the one in charge of choosing an audition song. Every single person would have to audition singing the same song.

Would you choose one of your personal favourite songs? Or would you choose a song that truly showcases vocal ability?

Listen below to hear what KZN told Gordon Graham:

Listen here for more Vic Naidoo moments:

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