WATCH: The mystery behind the car that was pushed into the Cascades stream in Pietermaritzburg

WATCH: The mystery behind the car that was pushed into the Cascades stream in Pietermaritzburg

A video of a car going full rogue in Pietermaritzburg has us wondering what really happened here...

WATCH: Parking gone wrong

We all have those untold stories of parking fails that we keep deep at the back of our minds. The reason being that we fear we may be placed into that box labelled, "bad drivers". 

But the reality of the situation is that no one is perfect, we all have to live and learn. And the same goes for driving, no one was born a professional, you have to go through the steps of becoming a learner driver and then proceed to a driver.  

However, there are many people who would argue that some drivers are just plain down bad, everything they do on the road goes against what we are taught when getting our driver's licence. 

There is even a stereotype where people assume that if you are a bad driver then you must've have 'bought' your licence, which basically insinuates that you paid off someone (bribed) to get it. Sadly, that is more common than we care to elaborate on. 

On that note, we found a video of a car accident that creates just the right amount of drama that a small town needs now and then. Of course we are happy to announce that according to the news reports, no one was injured. 

But we are left in true suspense with the 'why' and 'how' behind the story, which has yet to be revealed. If you are confused then watch the video below that shows one perspective of what happened in the parking lot of the Cascades Lifestyle Centre in Pietermaritzburg. 

"Last Wednesday, shoppers at Pietermaritzburg’s Cascades Lifestyle Centre were understandably shocked when a red hatchback ploughed into the back of a Ford EcoSport." (2OceansVibe)

WATCH the video below (courtesy of YouTube):

According to Nivashni Nair, who shared the story on Twitter, the parties involved including the shopping centre where the incident took place are not comfortable with sharing a comment. They would like to protect the driver and due to insurance legalities, they have decided to remain silent. 

It was, however, revealed that none of the drivers in the accident were under the influence of alcohol. What started off as a simple and quiet day at the centre in the video turns into a very scary parking accident. 

According to one Twitter user, the person driving the hatchback allegedly had a seizure.

Check out the pics from Twitter below.

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