WATCH: A TikToker reveals the "correct" way to park in parking lots!

WATCH: TikToker reveals the "correct" way to park in parking lots

A TikTok video reveals a simple, yet profound life hack that we all should be doing in parking lots, especially if you don't want your car to get dinged...

WATCH: A TikToker reveals the "correct" way we should be parking our vehicles
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We can remember going for our driver's licenses and being taught to straighten up when entering a parking bay. And we are sure that everyone had a similar experience, as we listen to the instructor because they (supposedly) know best...

We are questioning this to the max right now after seeing this video on TikTok, that has collectively received around 4.4-million views. We are really buzzed with the "Ah-has" right now and we seriously think there should be some sort of global movement or, better yet, a law putting this into play. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


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Isn't it amazing that we can learn so much from just practicing something so simple? It's like finding out that you have been eating the wrong way this whole time.

Are you in shock right now? We completely feel you. It's one of those moments that have truly left us feeling robbed for not knowing this sooner. 

Now the question is, how do we get everyone to practice this so that the idea actually works? Should we implement it with signage, or maybe a "how to park your car" video at carparks, that is mandatory to watch before entering carparks?

Whatever the way forward is, we have to make sure that somehow the whole of South Africa sees this so we can start our very own carpark movement.

On that note, we thought we would share a video on tips for drivers from professionals (courtesy of YouTube):

Carol podcasts
East Coast Radio

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