WATCH: Man drinks a can of whiskey through the lips of a fish

WATCH: Man drinks a can of whiskey through the lips of a fish

A video is going viral after a man downs a bourbon through the lips of a fish he had just caught.

Man drinks whiskey through fish

A shocking video of a man downing a can of bourbon through a fish, where he is using its body to hold the drink before passing the liquid through its head and into his mouth, is going viral on social media – and it has, excuse the pun, left a very sour taste in the mouth of viewers. 

The short clip was filmed on a boat where the unidentified man appears to have just caught a fish. The man then goes to open a can of Woodstock Bourbon & Cola into the body of the dead fish. The man then grips the fish with both hands, tips its head back, and pours his bourbon into his mouth through the lips of the fish.

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"This is called the fishy,” another voice can heard saying as the man downs his drink, spilling brown liquid all over his chest.

The video is fast going viral with over half a million views and more than 450 comments on the social networking app.

The majority of the response has been negative from viewers who have called the action “gross”, “disgusting”, and “disrespectful”, with many adding that the man has “no class”.

"I'm not an animal activist, but that's just wrong,” one person commented. Another added "Bit disrespectful, I took your life, now let me drink beer from you."

Australian politician Emma Hurst commented on the incident, saying that the man’s act is not in line with the expectations the government has on its citizens. She adds that the footage showed a “tremendous lack of respect for animals”.

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"It speaks volumes that people get a thrill out of mocking the death of an animal,” she says. "Sure, the animal in that particular instance probably didn't feel any pain, but we also need to respect that there's sadness in death, not humour in death. That's what makes this such sick behaviour. Nobody would find it hilarious if that was a dead dog, we'd find it highly disrespectful."

Image courtesy: TikTok

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