This is probably the most bizarre Nando’s order we’ve ever seen!

This is probably the most bizarre Nando’s order we’ve ever seen!

Do you know how much cheaper this cheese would have been at the grocery store?

Nandos cheese

Who doesn’t love them some Nando’s, right? The local chicken takeaway brand continues to soar internationally and is incredibly popular in the UK, particularly.

While restaurants are used to customers adding extra items to their menu, one branch in the UK was shocked when one customer ordered a staggering 50 slices of cheese to his burger.

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The customer ordered the brand’s popular chicken burger and horrified workers by asking for an additional 50 slices of cheese. The restaurant chain has adapted to COVID-19 restrictions and now allows customers to customise their orders through an app and an employee shared the shocking slip on social media.

The slip shows that the customer ordered a grilled chicken burger with 50 cheddar cheese slices, as well as garlic peri peri sauce and 10 chicken wings. Each slice of cheese costs just under R13 at the current exchange rate, which means the additional slices cost the customer a whopping R642!

Nandos slip

"Someone ordered a burger in Nando's with 50 slices of cheese," the employee shared on social media alongside an image of the shocking burger, which is made up of a bun, chicken, lettuce, and sauce - and separated by huge chunks of cheese.

While some applauded the customer for their passion for cheese, other’s thought the order was completely ridiculous! "That is obscene," one user wrote. Another added: "Cheesus christ that’s a hefty amount of cheddar."

Nandos burger

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Others were convinced this was a result of a glitch within the app but another user argued that "They'd had to have clicked an already checked checkbox nearly 50 times for that to be true and not noticed the burger cost [over R700] throughout the checkout process where it is very clearly shown so I'm guessing it's more likely someone who's done it to take photos of for their Instagram."

What do you think of this massive cheesy chicken burger from Nando’s? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: Twitter

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